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Our Technology: Precision Flow Control 

The careful control of fluids is an essential part of laboratory and clinical sciences.  We design closed loop control systems that are simple, yet provide great sophistication in moving small amounts of fluid precisely.

Our Mission

Pneuma designs and licenses closed-loop fluid control systems that precisely move small amounts of fluid, without the complexity of conventional pumping mechanisms. Pneuma leverages 30+ inventions and 3 novel subsystems to transform fluid flow, workflow, information flow, and cash flow.  

Our Services

Our Solutions

Our novel technology can be applied to a vast array of applications, from low flow rate analytical chemistry to large volume infusion therapy.  We are just getting started.

Infusion Therapy:  Patient Safety

We are launching a family of infusion systems which can, for the first time, follow a patient through a complex infusion journey.  A goal is to avoid the handoffs which cause harm and cost.

Historically, infusion pump companies have failed to meet the dynamic set of clinical requirements throughout a patient’s infusion therapy journey.


Pneuma is simplifying this journey with a series of integrated solutions for the delivery of intravenous fluids, supported by proprietary technologies and dozens of innovations to re-imagine fluid flow, information flow, and workflow.

Infusion Therapy: 
Nursing Crisis

COVID-19 greatly limited the entry of nurses into the workforce and simultaneously forced many into retirement due to the challenging conditions. Healthcare providers are forced to improve nurse efficiency by examining where nurses spend their time. A significant percentage of clinical hours are spent preparing, delivering, and monitoring infusion therapy, which is a notoriously inefficient and costly workflow.


As it turns out, more than half of the time spent on infusion therapy is not related to patient care, including distracting tasks like finding infusion pumps, programming, configuring, managing battery charge, disinfecting, and responding to seemingly endless IV pump alarms.

Infusion Therapy:  Reliability

Our technology is driven by simple design, no visibly moving parts, and a robust software architecture.  Each contributes to high reliability from the onset.  Reliability is assured by rigorous post-market surveillance.  Caregivers should not be distracted from providing patient care to troubleshoot or replace broken infusion pumps.

Infusion Therapy:  Increasing costs

Health care providers are being faced with increasing costs across the board.   We intend to demonstrate how our improvements in fluid flow, information flow, and workflow positively impact cash flow.  

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