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We are addressing unsolved problems, so we must invent new technologies, processes, methods, and mechanisms. If we can solve a problem with something old, we will, but we usually need some invention.

Heart to heart

What if the wiring in your heart caused it to beat too quickly?  We developed pioneering technologies to diagnose the problem and often provide a cure.

Alarm weary 

What if a dialysis machine sounded an alarm every night, awakening the patient and their spouse?  We invented a way to gradually alert the patient, so the problem could be resolved without disturbing their peace.


On a beautiful spring day, bubbles are fun.  When they find their way into an intravenous line, however,  they stop the fluid flow, create great patient anxiety, and disrupt the workflow of the nurse.  We invented a way to remove them and get rid of the problems caused by their alarms.

Power to the people

Medical devices must go wherever the patients do, so battery power is essential.  We invented an infusion pump so efficient that it could operate on batteries charged with a nearly universal USB connection.  While we were at it, we made the connection simple and unbreakable.