Pneuma offers a way 

to solve a 30 year old problem in patient safety

Pneuma Systems Corporation has developed a practical solution that monitors respiratory status and verifies that the patient is not overly sedated. Recent studies show the predictive value of the combination of sedation and degradation of respiratory function.


PurePCA™ infusion/ monitor reduces the dangers of opioid overdoses for intravenous analgesia

The solution is effective, low cost, simple, and minimally intrusive. Prior to receiving a dose, the patient will be asked to inhale and the response is measured with a wireless respiratory sensor.

2013 ISMP Medication Safety Alert

Sedation is an extremely useful assessment parameter to observe the clinical effects of opioids. In fact, sedation is the most important predictor of respiratory depression in patients receiving IV opioids...

Fatal PCA adverse events continue to happen... better patient monitoring is essential to prevent harm.